Dryer Safety includes Routine Vent Cleaning


It is very important to routinely clean out the vents if you want your dryers to be safe. This is not just to protect your house, but also to ensure that the dryer continues to work properly.

When it comes to dryer safety,Guest Posting it is very important to routinely clean out the vents. This is not just to protect your house, but also to ensure that the dryer continues to work properly. Here are 6 frequently asked questions to understand why it is important, and how to go about it:

#1) Why is vent cleaning important?
In the course of normal dryer operations, the lint gets built up and stored in the lint trap. Many people clean out the lint trap consistently, and they think that is good enough. It is not.

The reason is that a lot of the lint in the trap escapes into the vents, and from there is taken outside the home. This lint often times gets stuck in the dryer duct system before it can get outside. The longer the ductwork is, the greater the odds of the lint getting trapped.

#2) What is the big deal with trapped lint?
Well, for one thing it blocks the ductwork from ventilating properly. This can reduce the dryer’s effectiveness, and it can often times take longer than usual to dry your clothes.

However, even worse than that, it can actually start a fire. This is because lint is flammable. When the lint is blocking the ductwork from releasing the hot air from the dryer, it can often get ignited. This is a huge issue, and it is estimated that more than 15,000 US home fires annually are stated by excessive amounts of lint in the ductwork.

#3) So how do you get rid of it?
Well, for one thing you need to clean your lint trap regularly. This will limit the amount that can escape in the future. You also need to clean the ductwork to get rid of the existing lint that is trapped. Sometimes you can do this with a broom or vacuum.

However, depending on how long the ductwork is, these options might not be long enough. Instead, you may have to hire a professional service that does vent cleaning.

#4) How often should you clean the vents?
Most people recommend every 12-18 months.

#5) Are there indicators you should look for to tell if it needs cleaning?
Yes. If it is taking longer than usual air conditioner repair near me for your clothes to dry, or they are hotter at the end of the cycle, than it is probably time to clean your ducts.

#6) How do you hire the best service?
Look online for duct cleaning services in your area. Once you have narrowed it down to a few companies you have found online, read their ratings with the Better Business Bureau, and see what people are saying about them. Also, ask if you can call 1-2 of their current customers and see what kind of experience they have had.

Routine vent cleaning is very important for keeping your home safe from fire, and your dryer working properly. Consider hiring a professional cleaner, as they are often times the most effective. Use these guidelines, and you should find the right one for your needs.